What we do

We specialise in Augmented Reality App development. We take care of every aspect of it, from inception to application to all kinds of devices. We come up with innovative technical solutions, we design new communication strategies that improve user experience and which offer our clients an added value to their products and services.


Mobile apps

We create multi-platform apps (iOS, Android, PC, Mac...) and manage their distribution.

Interactive books and publications

We generate interactive experiences in books, catalogues, posters and leaflets. Limitless possibilities.

Augmented Reality and virtual reality

We conceptualise and produce interactive experiences for all kind of devices.

Interactivity and gamification

We create game experiences through our interactive apps.

Exhibition design

We specialise in developing exhibition projects and their graphic media.

Interactive installations

Surroundings that respond to motion, play, and interactive conceptual maps.

Our projects

Unit Experimental

Augmented Reality and interactive experiences for museums, exhibitions and publications